Built from humble beginnings.


We assist our clients with design, progressive cost analysis, ongoing construction feedback and also help satisfy their funding requirements. we deal with all financial institutions and are on the panel of all major banks.

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Our team is strong and experienced in multi-level high-rise, basement construction, architectural and cosmetic designs, innovative concepts and sites restricted with access.

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Welcome to Drakk Pty Ltd

Built on humble beginings.

Completing multiple projects in both the commercial and residential sectors Drakk Pty Ltd is an established contract builder and property developer.

Our project budgets range from $5 million - $30 million in construction value.

Over the years, we have used our experience to benefit and help evolve our clients to be cost effective without compromising on quality or time, with proven results.

We hope to keep this model and grow with the times – not force the growth but allow the market to help us along the way.

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